About the Author

I am currently in captivity at the Federal Correctional Institution, Pekin, P.O. Box 5000 Pekin, Illinois 61555.
On April 21, 2006, My life was viciously shattered in a barrage of gun shots at the trigger finger of Deputy Steven An of the Augusta, Richmond County Sheriffs Department. Only by the grace of God I was not killed, or wounded. However, I was immediately taken by Deputy Lundy to the Queensboro Bank and Trust Company on 2550 Tobacco Road, in Hephizibah, Georgia, where awaiting bank employees were specifically instructed by authorities to identify me as a bank robber of this bank, which had been robbed earlier that day. Two bank employees agreed to the Richmond County Sheriff investigators instructions and publicly identified me as the disguised bandit. I’m innocent, so the struggle continues.


After a six year legal battle and a jury trial reminescent of a southern style lynching, I am still standing, fighting, and struggling for freedom, justice and equality. It is my lifes mission, although behind penitentiary walls, to remove the veil of falsehoods and corruption around my case and expose those who were willing to bear false witness against me. Truth sets falsehoods on fire!
If anyone has any knowledge or suppressed information about this case, Please share it. Knowledge is the result of learning and is a force of energy that makes its’ bearer accomplish or overcome obstacles, barriers, and resistence.
I am very proud and blessed to present this fictional urban tale to the general public, as well as those caged behind prison bars. This novel is unlike your ordinary urban novel. It was conceived and painfully birth’d from the darkest bowels of the Federal Prison System. A dangerous and desolate place where many souls cry out continously from slow agonizing torture, but no one listens. The true-to-life characters in this book are full of life, or are they? Because the pure and intense pleasures of sin takes them on a journey that leads straight to hell… hell on earth that is! GREED, LUST & VENGEANCE hits bookstores and is available on-line at Amazon.com. Enjoy! I must warn you though, there is some graphic violence, and sexual content between the book’s covers.

Donald Reynolds-12695-021.
USP Pekin.
P.O. BOX 5000,
Pekin, Illinois 61555.