Book Two Now Available!

Plans are made to murder a federal judge and prosecutor after China’s man Lamont King and her father Irvin Rice are shipped off to a deathly violent U.S. penitentiary to begin serving a lengthy sentence for armed bank robbery. Meanwhile it’s back to the brass pole and hustling on stage for China.
But her career as a stripper in Atlanta is cut short when China’s greedy and lustful boyfriend Diego—a Colombian drug cartel member and enormously successful importer of cocaine—decides he has much bigger and more profitable plans for her.
When China suddenly flees in a desperate attempt to reconcile her past, the present and then her future, bodies from inside the prison and those spilling onto the streets are dispatched with swift avengeance to the morgue.
And who, if in fact anyone, can elude the deadly bullets or the acute blade of retribution when karma calls? Only time will tell…

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