Sugar Man


This is the most realistic street novel that I’ve ever read!

It’s like the pages come to life in your mind like a movie. Every street hustla has an Irvin in their life.

This book is a non-stop page turner that keeps you wonderin’ what’s next and wanting more! I love the real prison convict feel of the book, I’ve walked those compounds and lived in those same musty cells.

Real talk…come on wit’ part II!

Sugar Man, E. St. Louis, Illinois

Book reviewer “Sugar Man”, from E. St., Louis, Illinois

Ronnie “Slim” Fields


I’m a 57 year-old original gangsta from the Chicago streets. I’ve been incarcerated for the great majority of my life. While reading this true-life ‘hood novel, it carried me all the way back to a point in time in my life in the ghetto, and I soon began feelin’ like a character in the story! I see the future holds richer days ahead for you, Don!

Ronnie "Slim" Fields

Ronnie “Slim” Fields reading Donald Reynolds novel “Greed, Lust and Vengeance”.